Dog Signs

Importance of dog signs in the compound

Dog signs are an important addition for people who own dogs. There are many reasons to own a dog, such as for companionship, protection and sometimes, it is simply an act of extending love to a furry creature. With dog ownership comes great responsibility, including putting up a sign to show that you have a dog. There was a time in the past when most dog signs read "Beware of Dogs." Times have changed, and there are now many more ways to do dog signs. We have several templates and designs that can be replicated to create eye-catching dog signs. Reach out to us, and we will present you with many options.

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dog signsthatPlastic sign Engraving

Dog Signs | Plastic sign Engraving

(200.00x80.00 mm)

dog signsthatPlastic sign Engraving

Dog Signs | Plastic sign Engraving

(81.00x91.00 mm)

dog signsthatPlastic sign Engraving

Plastic sign Engraving

(200.00x197.00 mm)

Why You Need Dog Signs

  • Safety: It is important to have dog signs to warn people. This is especially for people who have fierce dogs that may come charging at people upon provocation. Having a sign will make visitors tread carefully to avoid getting attacked.
  • Legal Reasons: There are some areas where it is a requirement by law for you to have a sign that declares you have a dog. If your dog attacks someone, such as a postman, and you did not have a sign to indicate that you have a dog, you could end up with legal problems.
  • Improve Home Design: You can add life to your home design by introducing aspects such as a well designed and thought out dog sign. Some of the designs, such as the ones that use antique wood with engraved wording, give the house a unique look that most people love.
  • Heath Reasons: There are some people who are allergic to dogs. They need to be warned when a household has dogs. That is where dog signs come in handy. You do not want someone who has a health condition to suffer because of something you can fix with a sign.
  • Identify Dog: Not all dog signs are prohibitive. There are some that are put up to identify the dog. For instance, you can have a plaque that has the name of the dog engraved on the kennel.

Qualities of Good Dog Signs

  • Large Size: The essence of having a sign is for people to be able to read it. If the sign is too small, chances are that most people will miss it and it will not serve the purpose it was intended for.
  • Dog Image: The image of a dog is universal. If you want to communicate and you are not sure that everyone will understand your language, you should ensure that the sign has the image of a dog. This will communicate even to the people who do not speak the language you are using.
  • Prominent Positioning: A good dog sign is one that has been placed in a prominent position where it can be accessed easily. You should not hide it. Ideally, it should be on an open place such as the gate.
  • Clear Message: The message you are trying to communicate should be very clear. If you want to warn people that there are vicious dogs in the compound, you should do exactly that without beating about the bush.

Creative Wordplay: This may sound like a contradiction on having clear messages when coming up with a message for dog signs. However, there are creative yet concise ways that can be used to pass on the message. Not all the dog signs should have the message of "Beware of Dogs". You can sample through some of the creatively written messages on our site and choose the one that you feel works best. Alternatively, you can customise a message, and we will work towards delivering it to you within the shortest time.