Wood Signs

Design Your Wood Signs Online

Wood signs offer a rustic and classic look for your organisation, business, home, or event. Like other signs from Signlabs, our custom wood signs are versatile and designed to match different needs and expectations. The signs are made from high-quality wood and ink and meet the European standards in all aspects for durability. This means that our wood signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Learn more about personalised woods signs that meet your style and budget.


wood signsthatWood sign

Wood sign

(200.00x200.00 mm)

Reasons for Using Wooden Signs

Bring your brand close to the world using unsophisticated wood signs. Wood signs are simple, yet they still communicate messages to audiences across different industries. These custom wood signs have a long lifetime and can withstand different weathers and seasons if used outdoors. The results are even more impressive when wood signs are used indoors. One thing that makes wood stand out from other signs is that it can be refurbished and the text on it rewritten to match the current trends. We use wood that has stood the test of time and does not break easily.


On top of that, the ink used on the wood signs does not fade easily, even when exposed to UV rays. You will ultimately get a long-lasting service from our wood signs. Any materials we use in making our signs are eco-friendly. Lastly, our prices are competitive; you will not have to empty your pockets to purchase personalised wood signs from us.


Common Applications for Wood Signs

Wood signs can be used in various environments, both indoors and outdoors. Here are the popular wood signs applications:


  • Residential signs
  • Building signs
  • Home decor
  • Wall signs
  • Restaurant signs, including menus
  • Directional and informational signs

Customise Your Wood Sign Online

Using our online editing tool, you can customise the wood signs to match the vibe associated with different brands and needs. Choose from different shapes and colours to pimp up your message. Ultimately, you can use the design tool to add your organisation’s logo and impressive images that will certainly attract the audience’s attention.


Follow these steps to improve the effectiveness of your wood signs:


  • Use contrasting paint colours for your content and background to improve visibility
  • Use carving and borders to enhance readability
  • Use dimensional lettering and custom shapes

How to Install Wood Signs

Installing woods signs is simple and involves:


  1. Bolting the wood sign directly to walls


  1. Bolting the sign to pots that are planted on the ground


  1. Securing the wood sign on a hanging hook


Tip; consult professional help if you experience any difficulty installing the wood sign.


Caring for Wood Signs

Unlike metal plates, wood is prone to damage, especially if exposed to water and humid climates. However, and as mentioned, we use weather-resistant wood and fade-resistant ink to ensure that the sign gives you extended service. We properly seal your wood sign to prevent any form of warping. Wipe the sign with a dry cloth to remove dust and moisture.


Wood signs from Signlabs are high quality, durable, stunningly beautiful, non-polluting and weather-resistant, and can be used in different environments. Plus, they are customisable to meet your preferences and needs. You just need to choose your preferred style, colours, font, size, and pattern. Be sure to add text and images that befit your brand or message. Consider reading our recommendations on the installation and mounting of signs. Create your custom wood with Signlabs now. Contact us for help and consultation about wood signs and other signs.