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Stickers make a big impression about your business, product, event, and in your home. Turn any surface into a unique work of art or promotional tool when you use custom vinyl stickers from Signlabs. Our custom stickers are long-lasting and will serve you for years if you accord them proper care. Depending on the material they are made from, stickers are ideal both indoor and outdoor use. Vinyl stickers, for example, are scratch-and UV-resistant. Signlabs helps you to create custom stickers online in just a few minutes. You can choose from a range of colours, sizes, and shapes.

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Custom Stickers are Versatile and Ideal for Different Uses

Do you want to wrap your car, devices, appliances, and walls with stunning vinyl stickers? Signlabs custom stickers apply to a range of occasions. On top of that, we leave everything to you (using our custom design tool) when it comes to designing your stickers. But, of course, we are ready to offer a helping hand at all times. Our custom wall art stickers are shipped straight to your door, not to mention that we offer instructions on how to properly install the stickers.

Can Vinyl Stickers Be Used Outside:

All our custom stickers are coated with vinyl and scratch-proof laminate to shield from destructive sun rays, oil, and water. The ink we use for printing does not fade away easily.

Removing Stickers:

Installing and removing vinyl stickers is simple. Our high-performance vinyl is designed for easy use because it leaves no paper residue or gooey mess on your surface. Use a paper towel to get rid of the minor adhesive that tends to remain on the surface after long periods of use.

Which Artwork Can You Print on Stickers:

There are absolutely no limits to the style, artwork, and images you want on your sticker. You can upload anything you want. Contact our professional printers and designers if you experience difficulty attaching and aligning an image or artwork.

With that said, here is a summary of why you should consider using our custom vinyl stickers:

  • High quality

  • Durable

  • For use indoors and outdoors

  • Affordable

  • Customisable; different shapes, sizes, colours, and designs

  • Safe for you and the environment


Customise Stickers Online

We cut and print any design you want, to make the best of your project. All you need to do is visit our signs design page and add the text description of your choice, and accompany that with the colours and images you want. The online editing tool is user-friendly, and we ensure that you get full support with every step you take. Plus, you do not need special software or device to access the design tool. Cut the sign tool to your desired size and choose the shape that best fits your message. Whether you want it wide or narrow, just one or in multiples, we give you what you want.


Tips for Personalising Your Custom Stickers:

  • Draw a sketch of your sticker on a piece of paper

  • Insert the text and choose the right font

  • Try different colours until you get the right combination

  • Insert your logo, images, or any other artwork before choosing the shape and size for your sticker

  • Include your contact information and call-to-action phrase in your sticker

  • Preview your work before saving and printing


Take your time when customising your sticker and ask for help when you get stuck.

Get your stunning vinyl sticker with Signlabs online designer. Personalise the sticker to suit your style and needs. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to talk to our experts.

Signlabs offers a designing platform to create and design custom stickers on the internet. Read on to find out you can make glamorous stickers online in no time.